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What is a computer driver?

Drivers are critical to the performace of your computer because they allow your computer hardware to communicate with your computers operating system. Each hardware component requires a unique driver to work properly.

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Why is it important to update computer drivers?

Updating your system drivers will keep your computer and devices running at their best. Every time a new driver is released it improves your computer performance and eradicates problems which lead to faulty operation. Updated drivers prevent hardware problems and ensure that your equipment runs at its best. By running the latest driver updates you will fix errors with your hardware devices and optimize system perfomance.


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What is Driver Detective?


Driver Detective is the leading software tool for repairing and updating Windows drivers and features an easy to use interface, fast scanning technology, automatic downloads and comprehensive update database. The award winning software will download and update problematic drivers for your computer and external devices such as scanners, printers, cameras, hard drives, DVD, monitor, wireless and other hardware.


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How do I know if I have the latest drivers?

If you don't have Driver Detective you are going to have to first find out the manufacturer for every part of your computer and search for them individually. Once you have determined the manufacturer for each device you have, you then have to compare your version to the latest version available. This could be very time consuming!


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Which hardware on my computer needs drivers?

Each component of your computer and all of your external devices require individual drivers. Here is a list of some of the most common drivers:

» Audio Card Drivers
» Backup Unit Drivers
» Chipset Drivers
» Digital Camera Drivers
» Firewire Drivers
» Input Device Drivers
» Modem Drivers
» Motherboard Drivers
» Networking Drivers
» Optical Unit Drivers
» Printer Drivers
» Scanner Drivers
» Storage Drivers
» USB Drivers
» Video Card Drivers
» Video Monitor Drivers

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How does Driver Detective work?

The award winning software will scan your computer for missing, outdated and problem drivers. In addition to updating your Windows 7, XP and Vista drivers, the software will also download and update your drivers for external devices such as scanners, printers, cameras, hard drives, DVD, video, graphics, USB, wireless and other hardware devices.

Once a free driver scan has identified software which is out of date, it will search a comprehensive database of official drivers and download the latest updates for each component. The software will then automatically update your PC and optimize the performance of your system.


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Driver Tools and Software Resources

Browse through our comprehesive database of driver update tools, resources, free software downloads and much more. Start your free driver scan and update all your drivers!



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